Technology has done good than harm

Most people would agreethat understanding our universe is a good thing and that ignorancecan be quite harmful. It is wrong to say that sciencecreated the nuclear bomb; people did. It is hard to predict the long termeffects of any phenomenon, and information technology is sopervasive that it is difficult to accurately understand the effectit is having now.

Someone cannot die because of technology alone; technology is mostly inanimate. The definitions of harm and good are often vague. Families are moving farther apart, which creates a niche for greater travel.

Somewhere in Colorado or Montana would suit just fine. If you are saying that we as a community are not making the necessary adjustments to accomodate the new technilogocal lifestyle, then fine.

Our western view of time is that it should be controlled efficiently, and that is what technology does best" Mannoia, ; p. In principle a Theocracy can be good, but that good is usually shortlived as corruption sets in. While itcertainly is occurring, and can have a devastating impact on anindividual's life, the numbers are not nearly as extreme asperceived and most Internet-using children will never encounter it,especially if they employ basic safety techniques.

He could hear the bass lines of the car's stereo and even wondered how the driver could hear well enough to carry on his cell phone conversation. That is the backbone of social technology. But in the use of the term "technology" today, there is far more associated meaning than automobiles or washing machines.

Go to hell or heaven. Our refrigerators can connect to the internet, and we can brew coffee with the touch of a button. That you do not simply turn to new technology as a panacea for what is wrong with your life or business.

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How is that compatible to the world beyond itself? And which could "survive" without access to fax machines or electronic mail? It was only 50 years ago that we began to have wonderful labor-saving devices to help accomplish all the tasks that collectively constituted the perfect home environment.

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Thanks for your comment. There is more opportunity for community than ever before. If you are not convinced, do your own google search and keep searching and reading until you are convinced. My system is based on the principals that: While the balance of harm and good can be debated, science isgenerally neutral, what matters is how humans have applied it.

History has attested that a theocracy is just as inharmonious to social well-being as any fascist regime.

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Because the technology coming expanded to all generation's This was a setback for science that didn't recover for over a thousand years. I too sometimes wish that the world could have had access to all the wisdom and history in that library.

Judaism is not fractured nor split as is Christianity, for example which has something upwards of 44, denominations [or something to that figure]so a democracy under a Jewish state works in tandem with the three, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, but you still have the story of, "God promised this land to us," and the war, displacement and violence that has resulted.

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Theocracy, like autocracy, is an oppressive system of government.Category: Technology Date: 26/03/ Tags: technology, mobile phone, The mobile phone has NOT brought more good than harm to the human race. DEBATE add your argumensts in favor or against the issue. arguments supporting the issue.

arguments against the issue. Mobile phones allow humans to communicate much more easily. It has been a combination of bad use of resources, bad timing, and bad control of how the population uses the resources. I would say that from thr 's and on, the advent of technology and new.

No. It is the way we have chosen to use them that has has done the harm, They have given us power, and power can be used for good and bad. Fire can heat you and cook your food, or it can burn your house down and burn heretics at the stake. Jun 20,  · In my opinion i think science has done more good than harm in the society.

i mean look around you and see what science has done and changed in your society October 3, at PM Debate: Science and technology has done more harm than good for society. "Girls are more intelligent than. Information technology has done more harm than good?

There are many good reasons for information technology.

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There aremany bad reasons as well, there are more children on the computerand cell phones then outside playing, and adu lts. Research on the use of Internet in health-related domains has evolved significantly over the past ten years.

Concerns expressed by researchers at the onset of the widespread dissemination of this communication technology have given way to more nuanced analysis.

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Technology has done good than harm
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